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Window VR

Window VR

Your Window to the Virtual World!

Virtual Reality (VR) has captured our imagination for years, but limitations of existing technology have kept VR out of most public venues. Why? Perhaps the biggest problem has been the head mount display (HMD). These displays were difficult to put on, prone to breakage, and created hygiene risks within heavy use environments. In addition, the equipment precluded any group interaction because it was immersive.

We think we've found a solution

WindowVR is a friendlier approach to Virtual Reality. Historically, many believe the "real" virtual reality applications must include an HMD. WindowVR dispels this common misconception delivering a fully integrated VR solution complete with display, position tracking, and built-in navigation controls. Choose from a variety of flat panel display sizes, resolutions, and position tracking solutions.

WindowVR, unlike the HMD, is designed to allow natural, intuitive interaction with t he virtual environment. The display requires no instruction. Museum goers and showroom visitors can walk up, grab the handles and instantly begin interacting. Others can follow the action by moving besides the primary user. No more fiddling with adjustment knobs to dial in he image. It's as easy as it sound.


  Display Options


  Tracking Options


  Navigation Options


  Mechanical Options



1. Power:
  • Display and position sensor
  • Universal supply: Univerasal (100-240VAC / 50-60Hz) input
  • 2. Serial:

  • Position Sensor
  • Navigation buttons
  • Touch Screen
  • 3. Video:

  • 17" SXGA flat panel display - 1280 x 1024 @ up to 75 Hz

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