Virtual Research Systems

Ruggedized i-Visor

Rugged, Lightweight, High Resolution!

Based on the high performance Daeyang i-Visor, Virtual Research adds improved audio and durability features, making Ruggedized i-Visor a much friendlier and easier to use display solution

Ruggedized i-Visor uses a durable,double ratchet headband system, to quickly and comfortably secure the HMD. No longer will users need to hold the HMD stationary with one hand while navigating through the virtual environment with the other. Ruggedized i-Visor also includes a position sensor mount compatible with most of today's tracking solutions. High Definition, closed cup Sennheiser earphones deliver immersive stereo sound and address the hygiene issue of the standard i-Visor earplugs. The Sennheiser earphones swivel, rotate, and can easily be removed when not in use.






  Signal Input


  Input Connectors


  Field of View






  Power Requirements

  • Universal input 110-240VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Output 8.4 VDC (7.2-10VDC)

      Power Consumption

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