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Cyclops - Flat Panel Display


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See it through ONE EYE !!!!

Cyclops is a full color, VGA, 1.3" Active Matrix LCD tailored to fit commercial, military, and medical applications. Complete with backlight, drive circuitry, and power supply, Cyclops easily interfaces with any VGA source via an external control box. Adjustments for brightness and contrast are easily tuned from the front of the control box or your computer via a software interface. Red LEDs indicate Power On and preset color modes. Inputs for video and power as well as an external VGA Monitor and parallel port interface are also located on the control box. Cyclops' miniature design and low power consumption makes it more appealing than current CRT solutions. This turn-key system displays rich, vibrant color without the drawbacks or artifacts associated with CRT field sequential designs. No other miniature LCD offers the resolution or plug-and-play solution found in Cyclops. Virtual Research staffs a team of engineers that can assist in customized optical designs and mechanical modifications.








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